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Greenwood Village Family Lawyer Handles a Range of Domestic Concerns

Firm represents Colorado in divorces and parenting matters

Family law covers a broad spectrum of concerns related to the people who are closest to ourselves. As the legal system is intrinsically complex and emotions are often heightened in cases involving domestic matters, it is vital to hire the right attorney. Located in Greenwood Village, the Law Offices of Bonnie E. Saltzman, LLC advises Coloradans on divorces, parenting issues, adoption, juvenile law proceedings and other family law challenges. Attorney Bonnie Saltzman has served clients in this area for more than 30 years and is committed to making a positive difference for community residents.

Skillful attorney assists with adoptions and post-decree modifications

We handle a wide array of family law matters, including those involving:

  • Divorce — Choosing to end a marriage is never easy, but we work closely with spouses to make the dissolution process easier while safeguarding their interests in discussions over property division, spousal maintenance (alimony) and parenting arrangements.
  • Adoption — You have many choices if you have decided to bring a child into your family through adoption. Attorney Bonnie Saltzman can help you evaluate your options and guide you through the requirements that are necessary to complete the placement.
  • Parental rights — When you have minor children, nothing is more important during a breakup than protecting your parental rights. If possible, our firm looks to resolve terms on decision-making authority and parenting time schedules through consensus. However, we are always prepared to represent you in court on matters relating to parenting responsibilities.
  • Child support — Both parents have a duty to meet their son or daughter’s financial needs. You can rely on us for sound counsel on child support issues, including modification requests and enforcement actions.
  • Post-decree modifications — Even after a Dissolution of Marriage Decree is entered, modifications can be made if warranted by the circumstances. If you are unsure as to whether your child support, custody, visitation or alimony terms can be adjusted, we can review the facts and assess your chances.
  • Grandparent visitation — Parents typically have authority over who spends time with their children, but there are situations where grandparents can petition for visitation rights. Should you feel that you are wrongly being prevented from seeing your grandchild, our firm will explain how the legal standards apply in your case.
  • Child abuse and neglect — Even a suspicion of child abuse or neglect demands immediate attention. Whether the problem exists in your home or you believe your son or daughter is being harmed while spending time with your ex or someone else, we act quickly to remedy the situation.

Taking the first step to deal with a sensitive family law matter might seem difficult, but our firm offers personalized counsel and compassionate guidance from start to finish.

Juvenile delinquency matters

In Colorado and elsewhere, the juvenile justice system is designed to rehabilitate young offenders and prevent future offenses. Whether a case involves an alleged crime or some other type of youthful misconduct, such as alcohol use or truancy, our firm works closely with families to identify the best possible solution that has the least amount of impact on their child’s future. Unless the purported misconduct involves a serious charge, the young person might be able to avoid detention and establish accountability through diversion or another program that could entail community service, restitution and/or treatment.

Contact an accomplished Colorado family law attorney to schedule a free consultation

The Law Offices of Bonnie E. Saltzman, LLC handles all types of family law issues for Colorado residents, including divorces, parenting matters and post-decree modifications. Please call 720-388-1565 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation in our Greenwood Village office.