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Post Decree

“Post decree” literally means “after a legal judgment by a court”. In relation to family law, post decree refers to litigation brought by one party to request a modification in a court ruling or to request legal action due to violation of the decree. For example, if after a divorce or legal separation, a spouse violates a court order by failing to pay child support or spousal support, a motion for post decree litigation may be filed, in this case, known as a contempt action.

Motions to change the scheduling of parenting time or amount paid for child support are also filed as post decree motions with the court and are other examples of post decree.

When both parties are in agreement on post decree matters, of course the proceedings may resolve quickly. However, complexity often enters into post decree issues when family members are in conflict regarding issues. By obtaining an attorney experienced in post decree law, you can frequently minimize confusion and more effectively reach a favorable outcome.

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