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Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)

Grounds for divorce in Colorado are “no fault”, meaning neither party is found to be at fault for the marriage breakdown. Either partner may initiate divorce proceedings. If the court finds that the marriage was irretrievably broken, it will grant a divorce, or dissolution of the marriage, which is the legal term used for divorce by the judicial system in Colorado. No evidence of adultery, abandonment, cruelty or other reasons for divorce is admissible or heard by the court as reason for dissolution of the marriage.

Following the unique Colorado filing guidelines, your divorce lawyer will prepare and submit to the district court the necessary documentation, based specifically on your case. In Colorado, there is a 90-day minimum waiting period before the court will grant a divorce. However, unless the couple agrees on all aspects of the divorce, proceedings may take longer, up to six months or a year, depending on the complexity of the circumstances involved in the case.

Once divorce proceedings are finalized, the court issues a legal document terminating the marriage, called the “Decree of Dissolution of Marriage”.

While divorce is never easy, seeking legal advice can assist you in determining the most effective approach for your divorce, whether it involves mediation, legal representation for settlement or litigation through the court system.

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