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Greenwood Village Child Support Attorney Advocates for Fair Payments

Colorado firm represents recipient and paying parents

Though relationships between parents often break down, both must provide financially for their child until the youth turns 19 years old. This is true regardless of whether you share the same residence as your child. At the Law Offices of Bonnie E. Saltzman, LLC in Greenwood Village, we provide comprehensive counsel to Coloradans regarding child support matters. Whether you’re just starting the divorce process and want to understand what the eventual child support rate might be or you are not getting the payments you’re entitled to, our firm will make sure you understand the law and will advocate for an appropriate outcome. Attorney Bonnie Saltzman has more than 30 years of experience assisting clients with initial child support determinations, along with modification and enforcement actions.

Factors used to determine child support rates

Though any circumstance can be considered during the establishment of a child support rate, the judge will typically examine the following factors:

  • The financial resources and obligations of the involved parties
  • The standard of living the child would have enjoyed had their parents remained married
  • The child’s physical and emotional condition
  • The child’s educational needs

The State of Colorado provides Child Support Worksheets, which serve as guidelines in calculating child support. Each spouse’s income, cost of daycare, cost of the child’s health insurance and other factors are entered into the calculation in arriving at the child support obligation amounts. A family law attorney can assist you in adjusting your calculations based on unique factors that may be applicable to your situation. You might also require assistance if you believe that your ex is submitting incorrect financial information or choosing not to work in order to reduce their share of the total child support obligation.

Modifications to existing child support terms

When a substantial, continuing change occurs affecting the fairness of a child support order, you can seek a modification in court. An income shift that would result in a change of at least 10 percent to the monthly child support amount under the Colorado guidelines is considered substantial. Other events that might justify a modification include a significant increase in medical costs, an adjustment to the parenting time arrangements or changes in day care expenses. You cannot change the amount on your own, but must have the modification approved by the court. In these matters, our firm assists both parents requesting and opposing child support adjustments.

Enforcement of child support orders

Even if a disagreement exists over parental rights, the law requires that child support be paid fully and on time. There are numerous methods of enforcing a child support obligation through administrative remedies and court actions. A delinquent parent could have their income garnished or funds from their bank account seized. Other potential sanctions include a negative credit report and the suspension of a driver’s license. Don’t let a small problem get bigger. We can work immediately on fixing the situation.

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